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There’s A New Way of Working… And Not Even The Pandemic Can Stop Us! 

Under normal circumstances we would travel to your home with camera equipment and crew, film your interviews and other video footage, gather your photos and other memorabilia, and take it all back to our studio to edit.  That’s not necessary now.


The pandemic has revealed a new powerful way to capture your video—it’s called Zoom!  Zoom’s video conferencing technology offers us tremendous flexibility in how we can work together.  For example:


  • If you choose, we’ll come to your location to film, or we’ll do it remotely with Zoom.
  • A Zoom Conference Call makes it easy… you’re just an email away.
  • There are no longer any geographic limitations… we can work together… no matter where you live.
  • We’re video and Zoom experts.  And have developed simple techniques for recording great video remotely. No technical expertise is required of you.
  • We film everything in high definition video.
  • It’s not intrusive… there are no camera crews to disrupt your household or daily routine.
  • Scheduling is simple… participants can connect with a phone, computer, or tablet.
  • You can include family members and friends.
  • We’ve made it easy to do and simple to understand.  And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Your My Life, My Story Video

Comes With The Following

FREE Bonuses!



1. Use Up To 50 Photos In Your Video:  We incorporate your photographs into the video to convey information, create drama, or illustrate a point.  We know there are certain photos you’ll want to include when telling your story… and we don’t limit you to just a few. Instead, you can use up to 50.  In addition, we’ll repair your old, faded or damaged photos and make them look like new. (Value: $450)


2. Movement Makes Your Photos Come Alive –  Adding camera movement to a photograph is time consuming and something most video producers try to avoid.  In contrast, we add movement to just about every photograph we use in your story.  Whether the camera zooms-in for a close-up… or pans through a group of faces… or slowly reveals a scenic mountain overlook… making still images move is magic—we use it a lot in our videos.  This Bonus (Value: $500)


3. Include Up To 25 Text Captions To Your Video –   Adding names, dates, or notations to a video as a text overlay is labor intensive… but it is also a powerful way to convey additional  information to your viewer, without distracting from the story.  Video is a multilayered experience… where you can look at a photo… read text overlaying it… while listening to the narrator speak… all at the same time.  Because adding captions is such an important part of telling your story… we’ve included it as a Bonus (Value: $500)


4. Resurrecting A Memory With A Pictorial Recreation – If there is one special event you don’t have any photos, videos, memorabilia, or other documents for, we’ll spend time researching it… to locate appropriate photos or other documents… and create a Pictorial Recreation that will make your stories come alive. (Value: $700)



That’s $2150 in FREE Bonuses!

For A My Life, My Story Video

Don’t Be Forgotten!

      • Keep your loved ones alive
      • Create a strong family narrative
      • Preserve timeless lessons and traditions
      • Leave a family heirloom that will be treasured forever!


But knowing how important this is—
We’ve reduced the $7K to $15K cost
even further for:


A 30 to 40 Minute Video
Available at the LOW Price of… 


And To Make It Even More Attractive…

We’ve Divided The $4998 Total Into Two

“Equal Payments” of $2499.

      • Make one payment of $2499 now.
      • And make the second payment of $2499, upon submission of the edited video for review and approval.

P.S. Here’s another bonus, when you sign up today, we’ll donate $100, in your loved one’s name, in one of America’s favorite charities, Habitat For Humanity.

View Our Consulting Agreement HERE. Then acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions by… Checking the “I AGREE” Checkbox.  Have a question or comment?  Call Allen at 415-755-8557 (9AM to 5PM PT)


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