Nothing Captures Memories Like A Legacy Video

Our Work

William (Bill) Kearney  

Loving father… successful business man… and one of the pioneers of  the burgeoning mobile phone industry in the United States.  This abbreviated glimpse of his, longer, My Life, My Story video illuminates  his love of family… down-to-earth wisdom… and sage advice he lovingly  shares with his family.

Mary Perrin

Mary is everyone’s mother.  Whether it’s bandaging a scraped knee, righting a wrong, or soothing a broken heart… She doesn’t look it, but she’s one tough lady… and always there when needed.

Opening Day of The Golden Gate Bridge

Pictorial Re-Creationis an exclusive service we offer our clients. If you don’t have any photos, videos, memorabilia, or other documents that we can use to animate your story or experience.  We have solved that problem in a very special way… by creating…  what we call… a Pictorial Re-Creation.

If an image of an important event or place is missing…  we’ll add a Pictorial Re-Creation to animate that memory.   We’re experts at researching and locating materials to animate your stories and experience.  In the example below, one of our clients only had a ticket to the opening day of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. So we located photographs, news articles,  and other documents—added some construction and crowd sound effects— and turned what we found into a video sequence to accompany her audio description of her experience.

Like what you see.

A My Life, My Story video is a priceless one-of-a-kind legacy video document… where you share your life’s most important events, insights, and wisdom with family, friends, and future generations. It’s a simple step-by-step process that’s fun… easy to do… and will give you a renewed sense of self worth.  It’s a treasured heirloom and one of the most important documents you can leave for your family.

We’d love to make one for you.