Legacy Video -I Lost My Dad…
And What I Wouldn’t Give…
To Hear His Voice Again

Dad teaching his daughter

Dad teaching his daughter – PickPik

Don’t Be Forgotten

I hate to admit it, but my memories of my father have faded like shadows in the night. I can barely recall how he looked…  what he sounded like… or remember the stories he shared. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you and your family… and it is one of the reasons why creating a Legacy video is so important. 

A Breakthrough Realization…  Something Bigger Than Yourself

At Your Life Matters we’ve discovered how important legacy videos and life stories are to family and future generations.   And how the transmission of your life experiences, through family stories, has a profound effect on the self-worth and resiliency of the listener. 

Imagine you were to leave this earth tomorrow… would your children have a way to hear your voice… watch you speak… and know about the most important events in your life? 

It’s been discovered that by sharing your life’s stories… and simply by hearing your words… and witnessing your response and adaptability to your experiences. Those stories can have a positive… transformative effect on your family

Bruce Feiler sums it up perfectly in his New York Times article, The Stories That Bind Us

… a surprising theme emerged (from my research.)  The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative… children who have the most self-confidence have… a strong “intergenerational self. They know they belong to something bigger than themselves.” 

Here’s what respondents replied in a 2012 survey about the most important thing they wanted to leave to their family. 

“…Baby boomers and Americans aged 72 and older said family stories and keeping their family history alive is the most important piece of their legacy.”                                                             ~ From a 2012 survey conducted for Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America.

In Chris Arnot’s The Guardian article, Family History Boom Fueled By Internet and TV, he says.

“I think there’s a recognition that family structures have fragmented. But that doesn’t mean people don’t care about the families they come from. If anything, it makes them care more about the bonds that bind them together with relatives and ancestors.” 

My Biggest Regret…

It’s too late to do that for my dad…  and my biggest regret is that my kids and grandkids will never know their grandfather… hear his voice… or feel the impact of his words. 

And it is one of the reasons why our clients at Your Life Matters tell us that creating a My Life, My Story video is so important

“The experience of filming family and friends interacting and talking about my father was so much better than I could have imagined. The well timed cues and perfectly constructed questions brought out truly meaningful answers and interactions.”    ~ Keven K

Our clients have told us the experience of creating a My Life, My Story video is a simple, easy, joyful process… Not only for the subject of the video, but for the family and friends who participate.  We’ll be guiding you through every step of our process.  We’ll share more about how a My Life, My Story video works in just a minute.

The GREAT news is… it doesn’t matter who you are!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity like Bill Gates, or you’re just a plain working stiff.  

I’ll tell you… I wouldn’t care if when my father passed— he was broke— with no possessions… or hadn’t accomplished anything. I’d still want to hear his voice.

We at Your Life Matters (YLM)  have seen how making A My Life Story Video has a positive, life affirming, transformative effect on its participants. And I’m not the only one who’s witnessed this.

Dave Isay, Founder of StoryCorps,  (which allows people to share and preserve their audio stories), describes, in a TED talk, one of his most profound experiences.

“I’d see how the simple act of being interviewed could mean so much to people.  Particularly those who’d been told their stories didn’t matter.I could see people’s backs straighten as they started to speak into the microphone…(and because of that) “I exist”has become the clarion call for Story corps.”

At Your Life Matters we’ve created >70 plus My Life Stories for every type of individual, from housewives to CEO’s of billion dollar companies. In every single video we’ve created… “hearing my father’s voice again” is the primary reason why our clients tell us that a My Life, My Story video is priceless

Preserving The Past… Before Your Stories Are Lost Forever

At Your Life Matters we’re experts at making memories come alive.

Nothing captures your memories like video.It’s the perfect way to transform your life’s work into a living video document your family and friends will treasure. 

A My Life, My Story Video incorporates your personal interviews with photographs, letters, newspaper articles, music, and first person narration.  

A Pictorial Re-Creation

A Pictorial Re-Creation is a special service we offer our clients. If you don’t have any photos, videos, memorabilia, or other documents that we can use to animate a section of your story or experience.  We have solved that problem in a very special way… by creating…  what we call… a Pictorial Re-Creation. 

Depending on the circumstances— if an image of an important event or place is missing… we’ll add a Pictorial Re-Creation to animate that memory.   We’re experts at researching and locating materials to make your stories and experiences come alive.  In the example below, one of our clients only had a ticket to the opening day of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. So we located photographs, news articles,  and other documents—added some construction and crowd sound effects— and turned what we found into a video sequence to accompany one of her most treasured experiences. 

Resurrecting The Golden Gate Bridge’s Opening Day

So What’s Involved?

We’ve made creating a My Life, My Story video effortless.  Below is a list of some of the special things we do that make creating a My Life, My Story video such a fun, easy to do… and one-of-a-kind experience. 

  • We take as much time as needed to gather the information and plan your project.  We’ve found using Zoom or Facetime  is a simple, effortless, and low risk way to gather information.    
  • Utilizing Dropbox makes assembling  photos, old videos, letters and other memorabilia a foolproof  way to collect your materials needed to tell your story.  
  • Preparing for the interviews.  We’ve found scripts kill spontaneity!  Instead, we make preparing for interviews easy! By using photos as prompts, or making a simple list of topics you’ll be covering in your interview.  
  • Interviewing: We’ve done this (>70 times) before—and know exactly what questions to ask to get to a deeper level of understanding… revealing who you are… what you believe, and what inspires you.
  • We want you to be comfortable and relaxed.  People have said, “…they loved working with us… the interviews were effortless… like having a conversation with a friend.” 
  • Editing: We’re experts at digging through the mountain of words that are the raw interview, and choosing just the right phrases and statements to simply and clearly tell your story.  
  • Photo/Document Restoration and Repair:   we’re experts at taking old, torn, faded, or damaged photographs and bringing them back to life.  
  • Pictorial Re-Creation: Is a special service we offer… when there are not any photos, or other important documents, about  a specific event…  we’ll do research and find images that will animate and enliven your story. 
  • Using The Ken Burns Effect:  we take your story to the next level by animating images with movement, and music.

Preserving The Past…

Imagine what it will be like for future generations— to hear your voice and watch you talk about your family’s history and life experiences.

At YLM we’re experts at making memories come alive.  And nothing captures memories like a legacy video. 

Tell Your Own Story…

A My Life, My Story video contains one of the most valuable documents you can leave your family. It is not just another valuable possession… like a painting or a piece of jewelry… It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to share your life’s story in a video biography of your most important experiences and wisdom.

It’s an opportunity to leave a legacy video as a Priceless Heirloom for future generations.

Imagine you were to leave this earth tomorrow… would your children have a way to hear your voice… and watch you speak… about the most important events in your life? 

Reveal Your Strengths And Talents…

We believe our clients are special.  Each person is unique.  Our goal is to work with you to uncover and reveal what makes you—you…  and tell your story in the best possible way.

We’re all taught to be modest… and not talk about ourselves…  to brag… or admit mistakesor talk about the wisdom we’ve acquired from life’s successes and experiences.

But that’s exactly what we at Your Life Matters are encouraging you to do.  It’s the reason why you’ve become who you are… and take our word for it… future generations want to know you… warts and all.

We’re experts at interviewing clients.   Our approach is to uncover and reveal your hidden strengths and talents. We do this by working with you as a coach… a skilled interviewer… and a very discriminating video editor.

Creating a video biography enables  you to… Build a strong family narrative… Preserve timeless lessons and traditions… And leave a family heirloom that will be treasured forever.

Which is why so many people feel a My Life, My Story Video Biography is so special. 

Make A My Life, My Story Video And Become Part Of Our Exclusive Club.

What about costs? 

A 50 minute broadcast documentary can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.  While a high end Wedding Videos, of similar quality to a My Life, My Story video, cost anywhere from $15K to $30K. 

 Creating a My Life, My Story video requires years of experience and specialized skill in interviewing and storytelling. It’s much different… and not something that a wedding videographer or your neighborhood video production company is going to have a clue of how-to-do.  

“…I have now viewed my mother’s video 3 times.  Each time I am impressed with the work. The segues are wonderful… as is the voice of music. You made really good choices about stories to include and wove disparate pieces together coherently.  Thank you so much for this priceless gift to the family.” ~Lora L 

It’s Like Being Interviewed By Oprah.

Being interviewed can be one of the most powerful experiences of self-discovery and validation you can have.   

At Your Life Matters we’ve done over 70+ interviews with every type of individual, from housewives to CEO’s of billion dollar companies.  

We’re not as famous as Oprah. But we are just as skilled and professional as she is… and we pride ourselves on producing the same high quality work.  We guarantee it.

For example: Oprah’s going to do lots of research… and so are we.   She’s going to learn about who you are… what you believe and value… and learn about your family’s history and traditions—and then… and only then… will she (we)  begin the actual interview— asking just the right questions that will illuminate who you really are. 

Our expertise also includes editing the mountain of words that make up your interview.  Finding just the right words and phrases to clearly and simply tell your story… while also  giving a complete emotional and spiritual picture of who you are.

Knowing how important “hearing my father’s voice” is to family and future generations…. We’ve figured out a way to reduce the cost— so that it is affordable for more people.  

Creating a My Life, My Story video starts at $2,495 for a 12 to 20 minute video about a single subject.  And, You’d be amazed at how much information you can share in 12 to 20 minutes.

Longer, more complete My Life, My Story videos range from $5K to $20K depending on the length and complexity of your family history and personal story.

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