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I Lost My Dad…

and I wish I’d realized…

how easy it would have been…

To Keep Him Alive… 

Dad teaching his daughter

 So He Wouldn’t Be FORGOTTEN!

“Jack loved making his video. He shared himself in a way he wouldn’t have otherwise. But that’s not why I’m writing. Jack passed the year after we made his video— I was lost. A black hole opened up, and stayed for a long time. Then I remembered his video. I watch it every day—it has meant so much. Thank you for this wonderful gift.” ~ Christine

The GREAT news is… Everybody has a story!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity like Bill Gates, or you’re just a plain working stiff. 

My friend Timothy lost recently lost his dad… he told me,  “By most people’s standards my father lived a simple life, and wasn’t anybody famous or special… except to me.  He loved his family… and that’s all that mattered.  And I’ll tell you— I’d do anything to hear his voice again.”

I couldn’t help Tim, but I do know… Magic happens when someone decides to immortalize their life and leave something so they are remembered forever.  With the spotlight focused on them, they become the hero of their own story.  And it’s that simple act, of being filmed, that can change how they think and feel about themselves and their lives.

Having worked with many Hospice patients, I’ve seen how important making a My Life, My Story video can be. It is empowering for many of our participants. Allowing them to accept the most important change in their lives— with pride and dignity. It addresses their biggest concern: “I don’t want to be forgotten!”  

What an incredible experience watching the story of my life take shape on video!   It’s so satisfying knowing that my most important thoughts and experiences have been preserved— it’s something the whole family loves.  Thank you.      ~ Ronald T

Mary Perrin

Mary is everyone’s mother. Whether she’s bandaging a scraped knee, righting a wrong, or soothing a broken heart. She doesn’t look it, but she’s one tough lady… and always there when needed.

In a documentary, like Mary Perin’s video above, the best interviews are unrehearsed and spontaneous.  So, the story is discovered AFTER the filming is completed.  Which means, you either find the story within the interview footage… or ask questions during the interview, that go deep enough to discover the story.

Our goal is to reveal a person’s passions about who they are, what they’ve done, and what it all means.

Most people are not introspective… 

And they don’t go around questioning themselves about who they are. Instead most of us let society answer these questions for us.

But it’s not our fault.
For most of us, it’s not that important.
We’re all busy living our lives…
And never feel the need to think deeply about these kinds of subjects.
So, when it comes time to share our personal insights— and tell our life stories.
Most of us need a little help— help in the form of someone who can assist in uncovering these insights…
help in bringing them out into the open… so they can be shared and celebrated.

By asking questions we help our subjects go deeper.  Uncover their true feelings and motivations… and allow them to tell their stories in a more profound and meaningful way.

Not to worry. Creating a My Life, My Story video is a simple, easy, stress free, fun process.  We do all the heavy lifting. There are NO scripts to write or memorize. No pressure to get things right. Interviews are low key… and are like sitting around, having a conversation with a friend. We’re experts at finding just the right words, in your interview, that tells your story. Your job is simple— sit back… relax and enjoy the experience… and the special attention.

“The experience of filming family and friends interacting and talking about my father was so much better than I could have imagined. The well timed cues and perfectly constructed questions brought out truly meaningful answers and interactions.” ~ Kevin K

William (Bill) Kearney  

Loving father… successful business man… and one of the pioneers of  the burgeoning mobile phone industry in the United States.  His video illuminates his love of family… down-to-earth wisdom… and the sage advice he lovingly shares with his family.

Leave a Family Heirloom… 

Our goal is to uncover and document who you ARE… and what makes you special… so it can be shared with family and loved ones.

This is no place for modesty.
This is an opportunity to shine forever!
To truly become the hero or heroine of your story.
We’re all taught to be humble…

and not talk about ourselves…
Admit mistakes…

Or discuss the experiences that have yielded the knowledge and wisdom we’ve acquired over a lifetime of successes and missed steps.

But that’s exactly what we encourage our clients to do.  It’s the reason why a My Life, My Story video is so valuable.
Your family wants to see you speak…
And hear you share all your hidden strengths’ and talents—
So they can know all about you.

Be Remembered…

A My Life, My Story video enables you to…
Build a strong family narrative…
Preserve timeless lessons and traditions…
And leave a family heirloom that will be treasured forever.

It’s why so many people feel making a My Life, My Story Video is so special. 

We’re More Than Storytellers…

A My Life, My Story Video is about assisting you to uncovering your story.
It enables you to speak about your passions…
Your love of family…
Your beliefs…
Your experiences… 
Your struggles and wisdom
So that your personality shines through. 

Here’s How It Works:

  • You Can Relax – We’ve got you covered.  We understand how nervous some people can be in front of the camera.  You don’t need to be a performer… create a script… or memorize anything.  Instead, we’ll just sit down together, have a relaxed conversation— and talk about your life.
  • Expert Interviewers’ – We are skilled at asking just the right questions, that go beyond a superficial level… so you can articulate who you are… what you value and believe… while discussing your life experiences, family history, and traditions.
  • Putting It All Together With Editing – We take the mountain of words that was your interview and select just the right phrases to clearly tell your story… so your video reflects a complete picture of who you are. Editing is the magic ingredient that makes your video special.
  • Just the Right Length –  The last thing we want to do is create a long boring video—that’s a turn-off.  The most valuable skills in storytelling are:
    • Keep it simple…
    • Keep it short…
    • Make it clear… Reveal their wisdom… Show their passion… And…

In our experience shorter is better. We’ve discovered, for most people, a 30 to 40 minute video is the perfect length.


“…I have now viewed my mother’s video 3 times.  Each time I am impressed with the work. The segues are wonderful… as is the voice of music. You made really good choices about stories to include and wove disparate pieces together coherently.  Thank you so much for this priceless gift to the family. ”  ~Lora L



A Pictorial Recreation – An Exclusive Service 
If you don’t have any photos, videos, memorabilia, or other documents about your story or experience. We can solve that problem in a very special way. We create, what we call, a “Pictorial Recreation”.
If an image of an important event or place is missing, we’ll create a Pictorial Recreation to animate that story. We’re experts at researching and locating the images that make stories come alive.


Resurrecting A Revered Memory
One of our client’ s most treasured memories was the construction and opening of the Golden Gate Bridge.  But her only keepsake was a ticket to the opening.  To make her memory come alive we located photographs, news articles, and other documents. We also added appropriate sound effects. 

It’s Not Too Late… 
We know how easy it is to put things  off.

Believing it’s not urgent…
You decide to do it later—and LATER never comes..
Then suddenly— a loved  one is gone.
What will you have that will keep them alive, so they’ll never be forgotten?
Are a few still photos and a home movie going to be enough?
A video can capture their essence… so you can be with them again.

With a My Life, My Story video you can watch their face light up when they speak…
Crack a smile as they reminisce about their loves, or
Watch them wrinkle a brow when they think about their conquests, adventures, a trip to
Paris, or a secret love, nobody knew about.
There may be many secrets…
And this might be your last chance to find out about them.


NOW is the time
There may not be another opportunity..
Don’t keep this to yourself.
This is family history and tradition.
Does your family understand how important this will be to them?
Over 70 families have already experienced the joy of creating a My Life, My Story Video.


Make a My Life, My Story Video…
It’s a great value!  For comparison, did you know that a professional one hour broadcast documentary can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce?

High end Wedding Videos, of similar quality to a My Life Story video, cost anywhere from $15K to $30K.

And they’re entirely different.

A Wedding videographer’s expertise is in depicting an event— a wedding.

Creating a My Life, My Story video is not something that a wedding videographer, or your neighborhood video production company, is going to have the background or experience to do.

A My Life, My Story video isn’t cheap.
Remember, we’re not talking about just hiring a videographer. There is so much more involved.
And we don’t charge $30,000…
Or even $20,000…

A My Life, My Story video usually costs anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000…
But knowing how important this is
We’ve Lowered The Cost.

We’re extending an invitation to some of you who have a special relationship with your loved one.  For you who want to preserve the stories about their lives, loves, triumphs, and passions.  Who treasure family traditions… and who would do anything to hear their loved one’s voice again.


There’s A New… Remote Way of Working… Not Even The Pandemic Can Stop You! 

Under normal circumstances we would travel to your home with camera equipment and crew, film your interviews and other video footage, gather your photos and other memorabilia, and take it all back to our studio to edit.  That’s not necessary now.

The pandemic has revealed a new powerful way to capture your video—it’s called Zoom!  Zoom’s video conferencing technology offers us tremendous flexibility in how we can work together.  For example:

  • If you choose, we’ll come to your location to film, or we’ll do it remotely.
  • A Zoom Conference Call makes it easy… you’re just an email away.
  • There are no longer any geographic limitations… we can work together… no matter where you live.
  • You’d be surprised at how simple and easy its! We’re video and Zoom experts… and have developed simple techniques for recording great video remotely.  No technical expertise is required.
  • We film everything in high definition video.
  • It’s not intrusive… there are no camera crews to disrupt your household or daily routine.
  • Scheduling is simple… participants can connect with a phone, computer, or tablet… even in pajamas.
  • You can include family members and friends.

We’ve made it easy to do and simple to understand.  And we’re here to support you every step of the way.


 And we’ve Included The Following FREE Bonuses… Even If Most Are Invisible

Denny, a videographer friend, is always hounding me that I do too much.  He says the enhancements I include are pretty much invisible… and the client doesn’t realize how much effort is involved.  Denny’s always telling me, “Your spending to much time cleaning up those photos”… or “Enough with the captions already… they’ll be just fine without that many.”

The point I’m trying to make is that they are important!  I care about the quality of the product I produce… so I’m willing to put in the extra time— because it does make a difference.  Even if it isn’t obvious.  So when you read about the bonuses you’re getting… it’s not some salesman’s hype— They make a difference in the finished product… regardless of what Denny says!

Use Up To 50 Photos In Your Video:  We incorporate your photographs into the video to convey information, create drama, or illustrate a point. We know there are certain photos you’ll want to include when telling your story… and we’ve don’t limit you to just a few.  Instead, you can use up to 50. In addition, we’ll repair your old, faded or damaged photos, and make them look like new again.  This Bonus. (Value: $450)

√  Movement Makes Your Photos Come Alive – Adding camera movement to a photograph is time consuming and something most video producers try to avoid.  In contrast, we add movement to just about every photo we use in your video. Whether the camera zooms-in for a close-up… or pans through a group of faces… or slowly reveals a scenic mountain overlook… making still images move is magic— and we use it a lot in our videos.  This Bonus (Value: $500)

  Include Up To 25 Text Captions In Your Video –  Adding names, dates, or notations to a video as an overlay is labor intensive…  but it is also a powerful way to convey additional information to your viewer, without distracting from the amount of information communicated in a story. Video is a multilayered experience…  where you can look at a photo… read the text overlaying it… listen to the narrator speak…  and experience it all at the same time.  Because adding captions is such an important part of telling your story… we’ve included it as a Bonus. (Value: $500)

  Resurrecting  A Memory With A Pictorial Recreation – If there is one special event you don’t have any photos, videos, memorabilia, or other documents for,  we’ll spend time researching it, locate appropriate photos or other documents, and create a Pictorial Recreation that will make that particular story come alive.  (Value: $700)



That’s a total of $2150 in FREE SERVICES

But knowing how important this is—
We’ve also reduced the $7K to $15K cost even more to:


(for a 30 to 40 minute video)

And Divided That Into A Two “Easy Payments” of $2499.


This allows you to make two equal payments. One payment of $2499,  at the beginning of the project,  and the second payment of $2499, when you receive the edited video for review and approval.  

This $4998 includes the following FREE bonuses… 

  1. Inclusion of Up To 50 Photos and Other Memorabilia As You Like. (A $450 value)
  2. Adding Camera Movements To Your Photos (a $500 value)
  3. Up to 25 Names, Dates, and Captions. (a $500 value)
  4. A Pictorial Recreation – A Your Life Matters Exclusive (a $700 value) 

We Guarantee it… Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

Show Them How Much They’re Loved…
Being interviewed for a My Life, My Story Video can be one of the most powerful experiences of self-discovery and validation your loved one can have.  It’s the perfect way to show them how important they are to you.  

Keep A Loved One Alive With A Video… So They Won’t Be Forgotten!

We’d be honored to work with you.

If You Have Questions… Call Allen at 415-755-8557


P.S.  Knowing how special a My Life, My Story Video is… we believe in helping spread joy.   So, when you sign up today, we’ll donate $100, in your loved one’s name, to Habitat For Humanity.  We believe in doing good— while doing good.